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Identity Theft Monitoring Begins At Home
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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There are many things that can be done to monitor bank accounts and other personal information to prevent identity theft. Shredding all personal information is the first line of defense in a long line of identity theft monitoring practices.

Making sure thieves cannot steal personal information from the trash puts people at ease. Another way to practice identity theft monitoring is to ask why someone would need a social security card. If it is for identification purposes, ask if there is another type of identification that can be used. Most legitimate businesses never ask for a personís social security number.

Keep only one or two credit cards in a wallet. Donít write down PIN numbers or passwords on the cards or keep the information in the wallet next to the cards. Always keep this information in a safe place at home. If a card is lost or stolen, report it right away. Donít wait to be a victim of identity theft. Instead, observe identity theft monitoring practices carefully to prevent yourself from being victimized.

Get yearly credit reports and report any suspicious activity. Catching theft early can help when rebuilding the damage done. Identity theft can happen quickly, but if people are aware of the type of credit they have and they number of credit cards they have, identity theft monitoring becomes much easier.

Knowing who has permission to access personal information is something everyone should be aware of. Report not receiving a bill as soon as it is known. Someone may have stolen it and is trying to access the account. Be careful to hide personal information in a place that is safe and secure. In case of a break in, bank accounts and credit card information should be safe.

Identity theft can occur if a driverís license is stolen. Always keep this type of information close and within reach. Do not put wallets in back pockets, as thieves can steal them. Instead, wear a bag that can be kept close to the underarm. Monitoring personal belongings, bank statements, bills, and all accounts can help to prevent identity theft before it occurs.

LifeLock is a company that is the industry leader in proactive identity theft protection. They will prevent your identity and personal information from being stolen before it actually happens. You can find out more about LifeLock Identity Theft Prevention Here.

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